Capacity Building Programme

The Capacity Building Programme (CBP) is an innovative, experiential and child-centred training programme targeted towards professionals working in RCFs. Its primary objective is to better meet the needs of residents, ages 12-18, who are victims of violence, improve the current specific support provided and accompany them in their recovery and empowerment.

6 CBP will be implemented by the end of 2016 in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Scotland (UK) and Catalunya (Spain).

The objectives of the CBP are:

  • To give response to the identified needs and to the defined priorities derived from the Needs Assessment.
  • To design and deliver a 30 hour CBP to 90-150 professionals working in RCFs, aiming to:
    • Raising awareness among professionals on the need to provide specific support services to child victims of violence from a children’s rights approach and gender perspective.
    • Improving professionals’ knowledge regarding the impact and trauma of different types of violence on children and provide them with tools to appropriately how to intervene and mediate these situations.
    • Providing professionals with practical knowledge and tools to help them improve their praxis in order to meet children’s identified needs.
    • Supporting professionals in the design and pilot test of specific support actions for children’s empowerment.

Click the following links to access to each CBP by country:

Surt | Alternative Future


Männer | Alternative Future


Istituto degli Innocenti | Alternative Future


Dissens | Alternative Future


Children in Scotland | Alternative Future


Animus | Alternative future


The access to the CBP materials and the CBP report is restricted to the members of the project.

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